Why am I stopping?

Sometimes I realize that I am not the same person for years ago.
I am stopping  doing things that I loved too much just for fear what people will think .I have  to accept who am I now but I keep crying inside for silly things that don't affect me before. I'm turning a lazy person who make things just for have friends, accepting things that was unacceptable. I know the times are changing but this isn't for me.
I really need to go back, this is going to be mad dude. 
I  need my brain on fire, again.

Just a thought.

Taís Amaral

6 seasons and a movie, random is my firts name. Futura publicitária que ama Design e tudo o que envolve arte. Se envolve demais com os personagens de séries e tem uns sonhos pós-apocaliptos muito loucos que, um dia, podem virar conto.